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A comprehensive suite of solutions for financial institutions and corporate clients.


Deep liquidity and API Technology

eNor’s exchange redefines trading with confidence and security for professional investors. Our platform, designed to meet demanding needs, provides innovative features.

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Earn passive income while keeping control of your assets

Thanks to our collaboration with Figment, a leading Staking infrastructure provider, we offer a top-notch staking service. This empowers institutional investors to earn staking rewards and enhance network security. eNor clients retain control of their staked digital assets while Figment provides a non-custodial staking service.

otc desk

Secure settlement and competitive pricing

eNor’s OTC trading desk offers an efficient service for off-exchange trades, catering to traders’ needs. It’s the preferred choice for block trades, ensuring secure settlements and competitive pricing.

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Create multiple vaults and hot wallets

Our digital asset custody empowers versatile treasury management, offering multiple vaults and hot wallets for customized storage. With MPC technology, we ensure security and enable custom transaction approvals.

Distinguished by the ability to delegate assets to staking validators without losing control, our multichain compatibility spans 200+ assets. Our integrated custody and liquidity solutions help institutions efficiently manage and unlock digital asset liquidity.

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About your Institutional Account

In order to open an institutional account, a company shareholder (at least 25%) must complete personal registration and verification.

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