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eNor Securities Joins Liquid Federation, Bolstering Position in Tokenized Economy

This marks a pivotal moment in the company’s strategy to position itself as a leader on Tokenized Investments

San Salvador, El Salvador – February 15, 2024 – eNor Securities, a leading investment exchange for tokenized assets, proudly announces its membership in the Liquid Federation, a group at the forefront of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin innovation. This move underscores eNor Securities’ commitment to expanding its network coverage and embracing cutting-edge technologies for clients.

The decision to join the Liquid Federation follows eNor Securities’ integration of community-ran Liquid Network, an open-source Bitcoin layer-2 protocol, to enhance services and opportunities for clients. With a focus on the growing Tokenized Economy, eNor Securities aims to provide exceptional access and support for investments in Real World Assets (RWAs), and Liquid Network is the leading network for asset tokenization.

First launched in 2018, Liquid has become popular more recently due to high on-chain Bitcoin fees, as an alternative network for users to buy and transact bitcoin as well as issue digital assets. It is governed by the Liquid Federation, comprising more than 65 globally distributed members in the cryptocurrency space, including businesses, exchanges, trading desks, and infrastructure companies. By joining this esteemed group, eNor Securities strengthens its position as a premier investment exchange for the global and tokenized economy.

“We are excited to be part of the Liquid Federation”, said Rodrigo Mendes, CEO at eNor Securities. “This membership marks a significant milestone in our journey to become the preferred platform for tokenized economy investments. We look forward to collaborating with fellow members to drive innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.”

“For those of us who collaborate on the Liquid project, it is a pleasure welcoming Enor Securities as we continue expanding the number and volume of digital securities to develop new capital markets in a digital world,” said Adolfo Contreras, Senior Advisor at Blockstream. “The Liquid Network is often referred to as Bitcoin’s financial layer and has become the leading asset issuance platform for financial providers who want to create regulatory-compliant assets on a secure, fast network that leverages the very best of Bitcoin technology.”


About eNor Securities:

eNor Securities is a leading investment exchange committed to empowering clients with access to the global and tokenized economy. Through innovative technologies, eNor Securities provides comprehensive solutions for navigating digital assets and real-world investments.

About Liquid

The Liquid Network is a layer-2 solution and sidechain that enables faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions and issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments. The network is operated and managed by a globally distributed federation of more than 65 of the leading enterprises in Bitcoin. To date, Liquid has amassed more than $1.4 billion in network value and remains foundational to Bitcoin’s growth and adoption, particularly in the rapidly developing security token market. Explore the Liquid Network and access the financial layer of the new Bitcoin economy at

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