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Empowering Institutional Excellence: Unveiling eNor Securities’ Custody Services

Discover how eNor Securities brings a best-in-class solution for Institutional Investors
eNor Securities is proud to announce a pioneering advancement tailored exclusively for the most discerning financial entities. Designed to cater to the unique demands of Tier 1 Institutional Players, Asset Managers, and Prime Brokers, our cutting-edge Custody services redefine the standards of digital asset management, combining security, customization, and efficiency in an unprecedented manner. Tailored Workspaces and Transaction Approval Policies for Institutions Recognizing the diverse needs of institutions, eNor Securities introduces an exclusive feature that allows Institutions to create multiple workspaces and Transaction Approval Policies. This tailored approach ensures seamless digital asset management while adhering to specific operational requirements, reinforcing our commitment to adaptability. Revolutionizing Staking with Figment for Asset Managers eNor Securities offers Asset Managers an unrivaled staking solution, achieving a remarkable >99% average participation rate and zero slashing events. Our comprehensive rewards reporting empowers Asset Managers to optimize their staking strategies, while eNor’s exceptional slashing record stands as a testament to our dedication to performance. Prime Brokers’ Gateway to Advanced Security with Technology eNor Securities* leverages the prowess of technology to usher Prime Brokers into a realm of unmatched security and speed. With its MPC improved technology, transactions are signed 8X faster than traditional MPC, enhancing operational efficiency. The ability to sign transactions directly from Cold Storage ensures a multi-layered security approach, establishing as a vanguard in digital asset custody. Fueling Web3 Operations for the Future Understanding the significance of Web3 and DeFi for the financial landscape, eNor Securities provides an isolated Web3 connection and on-chain MPC custody. This integration reduces transaction and bridge costs, amplifying Prime Brokers’ capabilities and efficiency while ensuring the highest standards of security. Dedicated Environments for an Enhanced Experience Enor Securities understands the significance of delivering a seamless user experience. Its Custody services encompass dedicated App and Desktop environments, thoughtfully separated from trading operations. This distinct separation ensures that Prime Brokers can continuously oversee digital assets, emphasizing both security and convenience. Pioneering a New Era in Custody Services eNor Securities enhanced Custody services herald a new era in institutional digital asset management. With unwavering dedication to security, innovation, and unparalleled expertise, we stand as the ideal partner for Institutions, Asset Managers, and Prime Brokers navigating the dynamic world of blockchain technology. Together, we shape the future of digital asset custody. For inquiries and comprehensive insights into our Custody services, please contact us at As a steadfast advocate for tailored solutions, we invite you to experience the future of digital asset management with eNor Securities Disclaimer: The information shared in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Prior to making any investment decisions, readers are encouraged to conduct thorough research and due diligence